How it all began

Abundance College Inc was incorporated in June 2017 after the founders identified a need for supporting Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. With the focus on providing early intervention for children with Autism, and the scope of ASD dramatically changing only in the past 20 years, there are adults that may not have been diagnosed with Autism until later in life or have received only a small amount of support through school. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a life-long impairment and support is required through all stages of life. Abundance College Inc works with people with Autism Spectrum Disorder to assist with transitioning into employment, and adulthood.

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Employment Pathways

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Albert Einstein

Who We Are

Abundance College Inc. is a not-for-profit independent organisation providing support to people with Autism Spectrum Disorder so they can gain independence, confidence and the ability to perform daily living activities in environments that are not autism-specific.

Abundance College is connected with the community to provide people with Autism Spectrum Disorder extensive opportunities through employment to develop their full potential so they have a better chance with transitioning between life stages including secondary education to employment and independent living skills for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder

What We Do

Abundance College offers a range of non-accredited courses so you can learn new skills, or improve your already existing skills. Abundance College assists with employment pathways through education and workplace training, skill development, mentorships, job sampling, independent study and internships and prepares people with Autism Spectrum Disorder so they can communicate and interact appropriately in the community and workplace. Our assistance is focused on a strengths-based program that creates opportunities through social interaction groups and personal case management support

Our Steps to Success Program is designed for school leavers 15-24 years old with Autism Spectrum Disorder, however, anyone who would benefit for this program is eligible to apply.

Meet Our Team

Meet our team and discover what makes Abundance College Inc. unique in our community.