Understanding, not awareness.

Good diversity management is everybody’s responsibility.

We can help you make a positive difference to employing neurodiverse workers. 

Contact us for a free workplace assessment.

Neurodiversity is also often overlooked when it is arguably one of the most important forms of diversity.

There may be many reasons why you want to promote diversity and inclusion in your company. Perhaps you have a personal connection and can see the benefits of increasing diversity, or you need to demonstrate your commitment in practice. You could have a problem with an employee who does not fit in to your organisation.

Either way, you are in the right place.

A smart investment, all Abundance College’s Neurodiversity Training is research-led and entirely bespoke depending on your needs. Enjoy the challenge of becoming more inclusive and diverse rather than not being sure whether you are doing the right things.

We show how neurodiversity relates to everybody, therefore getting all colleagues on board during staff training and reducing the fear. At Abundance College, understanding Training ticks all boxes, but at the same time ensures that you are doing it properly, gaining a genuine understanding and equipping yourself to breed true inclusion and diversity.

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