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Abundance College Inc. is a not-for-profit independent organisation providing support to people with Autism Spectrum Disorder so they can gain independence, confidence and the ability to perform daily living activities in environments that are not autism-specific.

Abundance College is connected with the community to provide people with Autism Spectrum Disorder extensive opportunities through employment to develop their full potential so they have a better chance with transitioning between life stages including secondary education to employment and independent living skills for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder



— We prepare for the workplace

Abundance College offers a range of non-accredited courses so you can learn new skills, or improve your already existing skills. We have partnerships with Queensland Registered Training Organisations where you are required to hold nationally recognised qualifications to apply for work. 


— We Build Networks

Abundance College assists with employment pathways through education and workplace training, skill development, mentorships, job sampling, independent study and internships and prepares people with Autism Spectrum Disorder so they can communicate and interact appropriately in the community and workplace. 


— We Strengthen

Our assistance is focused on a strengths-based program that creates opportunities through work experience,  social interaction groups and personal case management support


— We Educate

Our Steps to Success Program is designed for school leavers 15-24 years old with Autism Spectrum Disorder, however, anyone who would benefit for this program is eligible to apply.


— We Provide Care

Our vision is to empower and enable adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder to become recognised and valued members of the community.


— We Consult

Abundance College Inc. values the importance of knowledge transference and works with teachers and school communities to ensure each transition from secondary school into further education remains structured, consistent and intensive.


Carys has been unemployed since leaving school 4 years ago

Carys, completed year 12. Since leaving high school 4 years ago has enrolled in different courses that in reality do not match her skills and interests. It was during her participation in Steps to Success that I found Carys can achieve more than what she has been advised by relevant organisations. 

Matching the interests to employment

Georjah, who prior to starting the program lacked the confidence in applying for jobs. Georjah now has the confidence to approach businesses with her resume where she would like to work. 



support us and change the course of someone with Autism’s life today!

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