Devoted to helping those with Autism Spectrum Disorder who need a hand.

Social enterprises are leading the way in helping to educate and provide job opportunities for disadvantaged people.

Java Train Café is a social enterprise devoted to creating community and belonging by bringing people together and create a place of inclusion and welcome.

Abundance College Inc is proud to announce the development of our very own social enterprise known as “Java Train Café”.   

Java Train café operates as the workplace of our specific training programs in South East Queensland.

At Java Train cafe we sell our coffees, tea, rolled ice cream, and a small selection of light meals made by students that receive extensive customised training. 

The establishment of the Java Train Café is designed to make a difference for young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder by providing high-quality training, personal development and the necessary skill set to assist them in obtaining employment outcomes.

Abundance College Inc. has a training room at the same location where we provided specialised support to our participants, with a range of options available. 

All profits generated support Abundance College programs across South East Queensland. Young people are supported, trained and developed through this enterprise to regain a sense of their own self-worth, build resilience and provide opportunities for them to become valued and respected members of society.

Social enterprises lead the way in helping to educate and provide job opportunities for disadvantaged people.  Through the various roles required in running a hospitality business, cafes can help those that are less fortunate than others to get a leg up.  Learning to become a barista or work in a cafe are all skills that can be taught to those who may not have had the advantage of a full education, or may have failed through other more traditional means to find work.

They are about bringing a sense of belonging, ownership and responsibility to those who work here, and awareness to those who visit here.  Social enterprise cafes will often also be at the forefront of using Fair-trade coffee  and setting up incentives to “pay it forward” to others.

The social enterprise cafe model is a growing trend in Australia, responding to our increasing love of coffee and drinking it outside of the home.

Visit Us today at:

 15/99 Bloomfield Street, CLEVELAND QLD 4163.    


Gain skills for any job
Our "Java Train" provides a training facility for our students to gain hands on training in the hospitality industry
Building Skills
Through learning, our students gain the skills and knowledge in coffee making, food safety, take orders interact with customers. 
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Rolled Icecream Made Fresh Onsite
Java train also make "Rolled Ice-cream" by mixing chosen ingredients like oreos, ferrero rocher, bounty, cherry ripe, twix chocolates or fruit with a cream base. As the ingredients are mixed together, watch your ice-cream freeze before your eyes! Served with a choice of toppings, this awesome treat is loved by all members of the family.
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Improve physical and mental wellbeing
The technique used to create these ice-creams also aids in improving fine motor skills and improve poor muscle tone for our trainees.
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Learn to cook by starting a course with Abundance College Inc.
Abundance College is a training facility developed to support those with barriers to receive supported training and prepare them for meaningful employment  in the hospitality industry
We provide opportunities for all participants to gain the skills and knowledge including becoming a talented barista, learn food safety, operate point of sale systems and how to interact with customers. 

Java train Café is a dedicated practical workplace training café where student receive supported learning designed to empower those with barriers to employment. 

Java Train Café is open to the public with options to dine-in, take-away or order online for pickup or delivery.

Abundance College Inc has provided job ready support through a Queensland State Government funded program called Community Work Skills an initiative of Skilling Queenslanders for Work 

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