Abundance College Inc. has developed an Autism focused work ready program called “Steps to Success”. This 10-week program provides people with Autism Spectrum Disorder the opportunity to learn through practice and exposure, what his or her work preferences might be.

Each lesson is carefully structured to ensure sufficient competencies through independence, self-monitoring, travel and life skills outside the classroom are achieved. The program aids to develop effective disclosure strategies that are relevant to each learner’s abilities and needs.

Our program starts with identifying training needs and critical skill gaps that may impede the transition to post-school life and provide individualised instruction to minimise these deficits.

All participants will have the opportunity to take part in vocational assessment activities in the community through “job sampling” at actual places of employment.

Participants will learn effective communication strategies that are important to completing workplace tasks, strategies also include a range of non-verbal techniques.

Participants will learn about the wide variety of careers that exist and other programs in the community, which offer opportunities for training and employment through job sampling, youth apprenticeships, cooperative education, skill development, mentorships, independent study, and internships.

Students can also have the opportunity to complete 5 vocational units of competencies in Hospitality or Business as an added skill development option after completion of the 10-week program.


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