Want to work in cafe, hotel or restaurant? We can help you gain the skills! 



Our Barista Course will teach you the essential skills for a job as a barista. Learn about coffee history, coffee origins, coffee roasts,. 

Prepare for your Barista Job Searhc, Sample Resumes, Templ

We give you hands on experience and the knowledge to understand the science of making coffees so you can bring these skills to the workplace. 

You will be observed and examined by a trained barista who will provide you with the hands on training to learn the correct techniques in the art of coffee making 

What jobs could I do? 

Barista (Espresso Coffee Machine Operator)

Cafe Assistant

Club Cafe

Food Truck Assistant

Start your own coffee Business

Coffee Events


What do I need to enrol? 

Important Notice: This course is not available for International Students.

  • You must be at least 15 years old before you can start this course. 
  • You will need to do a Language, Literacy and Numeracy test (LLN) before a place can be offered.
  • Additional requirements below.

How many subjects do I need to do? 

The Barista Course has 7 subjects in total. This includes 2 subjects in our practical espresso training. 

Origins of the Coffee BeanLearn about different types of coffee and where they are grown
Espresso EquipmentIdentify the name of each part of your coffee making equipment and their purpose 
The perfect GrindLearn the importance of coffee grinds and how they are used in coffee making techniques
The art of milkLearn the techniques behind milk texturing and pouring
Coffee MenuLearn the different styles of coffee beverages and how to make each one
Cleaning & MaintenanceLearn the importance of cleaning and maintaning your equipment
Technical ToolsLearn the tools Baristas use to make coffee and the importance of them
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