Aggravation: 10 Ways to Wind People Up


I usually don’t do things to aggravate people, but some things wind people up more than others and are worth the aggravation. That being said, here is my list of… 10 Ways to Wind People Up

  1. Only go 5 mph over the speed limit or, worse, go the speed limit. Seriously. See how quickly they they ride your bumper and then angrily speed past you as if you’ve done something wrong.road rage aggravation
  2. Wait until it’s safe to turn before you make a turn into oncoming traffic instead of riskily revving your engine and hoping it’s okay and causing the person you’ve darted out in front of to slam on his/her brakes.
  3. Tell people that you don’t believe in spanking. This will either start a debate or a positive conversation. I guess it depends on the demographics. I typically choose my battles with this one. Honestly, every time I see a post on Facebook of a child behaving badly and then someone saying, “If they would just spank/beat that child…” it makes me angry because they’re assuming something there without knowing the circumstances. The assumption: children who don’t get spanked are bad. I know lots of adults who never got spanked and lead productive lives and never got in trouble at school or at home.
  4. Remind a teacher that a child with behavior problems has special needs and that the behavior issues are a part of their disability. Some teachers get it, but others have a hard time understanding that a child’s age does not always dictate level of understanding. “He’s old enough to understand,” just doesn’t cut it when a child’s developmental or socioemotional age doesn’t match his physical age.
  5. When someone keeps asking you a question that you’ve already answered because they want you to answer differently, consistently answer the question the same way.

  6. Make people do their own jobs. ‘Nuff said.
  7. Stay on top of things with you child’s service providers and call them on it when things aren’t done correctly (diplomatically, of course).
  8. When you aren’t comfortable doing something, especially when you feel it goes against someone’s rights, don’t do it. Let someone know about it if you’re required to.
  9. Go to the bathroom, close the door, and lock it. Stay in there for more than 15 seconds. If you have kids (and a husband), you know what I’m talking about.
  10. Go to a potluck and only eat a couple of things. Oh, the horror!

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