Our projects change lives, bringing communities closer together and creating opportunity.

Community engagement projects are an important objective of Abundance College. They allow us to remain engaged with the communities in which we provide services. Projects are an important part of raising awareness about the services we offer and help deliver our message to those that may need our help. 

Current Projects

Abundance College has purchased a pantec trailer from Trailers 2000. The trailer concept is to provide a training facility for our students that come through Steps to Success with the ability to work in hospitality and retail environments. 

We provide opportunities for all participants to gain the skills and knowledge including becoming a talented barista, learn food safety, operate point of sale systems and learn how to interact with customers. 


The coffee trailer will not only produce and sell coffee, but also a popular product from Thailand called “Rolled Ice-cream” The ice-cream product is created by mixing chosen ingredients including sweets such as oreos, ferrero rocher, bounty, cherry ripe, twix chocolates or fruits like diced mangoes, strawberries or bananas. The ingredients are combined with a cream mixture as they freeze on a flat pan. The mixture takes around 4 minutes to combine and freeze. They are served in a bowl by separating into even sections, and rolled a flat instrument. Toppings including cream, flavours and sprinkles can be included. An awesome treat that will be loved by all members of the family. 

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