Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Suit for Your Children

As my children grow older and we go to formal events, I realized that we had no formal wear for the children. My closet contains quite a few dresses and my husband has a suit, but my children? They did hardly had anything even close to formal. That’s why I’m glad that Black N Bianco offered to send me a couple of suits in exchange for a review of their product. If you doubt the necessity of children’s suits, I can give you 10 reasons to buy a suit for your children, then you get an opportunity to purchase suits with my $25 Gift Card Giveaway provided by Black N Bianco.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Suit for Your Children

  1. Church. I’m one of those people who still believe in the tradition of dressing in your Sunday best for church. Before now, I felt we lacked in that department for our children. When my children showed up to church in these suits, I felt like a proud mama.
  2. Funerals. People generally dress up when they go to a funeral to show their respect for the person who passed away. If you buy suits for your children, you will help them show that respect.
  3. School. Sometimes schools have events where children need to dress up in their best clothing. What’s better than a suit?
  4. Family Pictures. If you’re taking family portraits, think about how much better your photos will turn out when you dress your children up.
  5. School Picture. This might seem a bit extreme for some people, but I think my children would take much better school photos dressed up in clothing that makes them look more handsome.
  6. Adorable. Do you have a younger child? I know they grow up quickly, but Black N Bianco has extremely affordable suits for children of all ages and they look so darned cute in suits.Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Suit for Your Children
  7. Strike a Pose. You can have your children pose for funny photos that mock certain films. My favorite pose? The one from Risky Business where Tom Cruise slides across the floor in his formal shirt and no pants. Squeaker did this without me asking, though. He just doesn’t like to wear clothes!
  8. Weddings. Can you think of a more formal occasion than a wedding? Make your kids the best looking children at the wedding by putting them in suits!
  9. Compliments. Do you want to receive compliments about your children more often? Dress them in suits and so many people will come up and compliment them for how handsome they look. It’s a great self-esteem booster for the kids!
  10. Formal Occasions. Any formal occasion should necessitate formal wear for everyone attending. This includes children. Make sure your children know the importance of dressing the part by putting them in suits!

If you don’t have a suit for your children, don’t worry. The great people at Black N Bianco have offered to give away a $25 gift card for anyone who wants to purchase a suit for their children at their online store. And Black N Bianco doesn’t just do suits for boys; they also sell formal wear for girls. Don’t miss out on this giveaway opportunity!

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