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The firm whose staff are all autistic

On first inspection it seems like any other Los Angeles-based company, with tasteful art on the white walls and calm-inducing diffusers dotted about.
Peter describes the working atmosphere as “quiet, but fun”, and especially likes the fact that there i…

Boy with autism draws up great things

One Bay Area mother has done countless hours of reading and research about autism spectrum disorder. But what she’s learned the most, she’s learned from her own son.
Christopher Riveiro is an 11-year-old boy and was diagnosed with autism spectrum diso…

Autism and forgiveness

A few days back, while I was browsing the aisles of a store, my nine-year-old son brushed against another customer. I was hoping it would not be a big deal, but she had something else in mind. I said sorry and explained that my son is autistic. She was…

Explaining “loss” to Dominic

I first started writing this blog back in July 2011, because the first six months of 2011 were incredibly challenging (lots of personal losses). I needed a way to get out all of the emotions I had been holding in. My husband calls me the “glue that hol…

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