Rediscovering Fun Times

Two years ago, Squeaker went to camp for the first time by himself. Seems that, at the time, we were younger. He certainly looked younger.

Fun Times

His brother definitely looked much younger.

Big Guy looking little!

Big Guy looking little!

Two years makes a big difference.  Time makes a big difference. Now, we manage small times in between–maybe a night or two–to ourselves here and there over the years, but rarely do we get any time to ourselves. Most people with two children find it difficult to carve out time to themselves. Add in some additional behavioral concerns, and you find yourself lacking the supports necessary to go out. Two years ago, we drove up to visit family with our youngest–9 hours of driving both ways. This year, we felt that we needed some time to ourselves.

In reflection of the past two years, we make sure the kids get taken care of. We work, make money, take care of them, clean up, lie down on the couch, too exhausted to move, and watch TV, then go to bed. Reset the next day. Our relationship and fun times together? Eh. Not so much. We need more of that. When we found out that Squeaker got selected for this camp again, I knew that taking time out for our relationship needed to take priority. We need to rediscover fun times together. So, Big Guy will have fun with my husband’s parents while we’re away. They already have a whole schedule planned out for him:
  • Playdough Sunday
  • Milkshake Monday
  • Pool & Picnic Tuesday
  • Waterfight Wednesday
  • Arts & Crafts Thursday
  • Aloha Zoo Friday
 Meanwhile, Squeaker will enjoy swimming three times a day, singing around Shady Circle every morning, hiking, horseback riding, boat rides, arts & crafts, music & motion, and making new friends.

But, we’re going off to a resort inn in the mountains, having a couple’s massage, going hiking, doing some yoga, going kayaking, and braving the rapids together. I had planned this long before finding out Squeaker would need extra Speech, tutoring, etc., and put down a nonrefundable deposit. We’re broke now, but whatever. We’ll never actually get out of debt, so I guess that’s just par for the course.  I’ll try to roll with the punches while we scrape together quarters and dimes (literally) to pay for things.

Keep Calm and Eat Sandwiches, right?

It’s all worth it to enjoy time together for the first time in two years, which actually makes me want to belt out my own version of the song “For the First Time in Forever” from the movie Frozen.

What are you doing this summer? Hopefully something fun and fulfilling.

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